Invoice Financing Made Simple


Slow payments can put a halt on your business operations and hinder further expansion.
Cash tied up in unpaid invoices can restrict your business from covering operating expenses.
Businesses with limited trading history may find it impossible to attain traditional finance.

You know what it is like. Your clients are wonderful, and they make sure to pay you on time, but not as fast as you really need them to. You can’t really ask them for a faster turnaround when the payment terms have already been agreed to and signed. So you are losing ground even before you start. To make matters worse, you’re losing liquidity even though nobody is doing anything wrong.

Here is where CANA Factors invoice factoring services can really help. At its essence, invoice factoring is a creative means of financing your company. You do this by assigning your invoices to a third party. Third party invoice factoring services buy your invoices at a discount, in exchange for fast cash. The total paid to you is then your invoice minus a certain reserve amount. This is not a new concept and many companies do this… you just don’t know who they are.

You do not have to wait around and waste time (and potentially lose out on opportunities) in order to collect your accounts receivables. Invoice factoring does not constitute collections or a loan! After the assignment of the invoices, the invoice factoring company then collects the receivables your customers owe you, and then they remit the reserve to you, subtracting out their factoring fees.

As a result, your cash flow becomes more predictable and secure. And you can take advantage of growth opportunities, meet your payroll obligations and pay your taxes in a timely fashion, fill your pending purchase orders, make repairs or start expanding, or restock your inventory. You can even address any seasonal or periodic cash flow issues.

When it comes to invoice factoring, CANA Factors is a SMART Choice.™ Let us convert your accounts receivables into cash. Subject to approval we can provide you with up to 80% advance in as little as 24 to 48 hours. You can have cash in hand without waiting around for 30, 60, or 90 days or more for your outstanding invoices to be paid.

We keep your invoice factoring cost low while getting your business the liquidity it needs to improve, expand, or just stay afloat.