Invoice Financing Made Simple


Executive Team

Romy Ahuja

– President

Mr. Ahuja has been in the Hotel and Development Industry for a combined period of over 25 years. He saw too many good businesses suffer due to slow paying clients and decided to be a part of a solution and not the problem. His oath was to build a company that has a heart.

Cameron Stumpo

– Vice President of Operations

Mr. Stumpo brings a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience from his past position of running an international clothing wear brand for over 20 years. He oversees the day to day operations and constantly drives the message of the company’s core values to all who interact with him.

Amir Ali

– Vice President of Business Development

Mr. Ali is results-oriented and an industry leader when it comes to developing an organization. With over 20 years of a proven track record for one of the largest IT companies in the world, he is now using his skills and strategic influence solely focusing on development and client relations for this company.

Woody House

– Director of Digital Communications

Mr. House brings his many years of web development and online marketing experience to the company. Specializing in advanced website development, digital infrastructure and commercial media platforms, Mr. House is responsible for spear heading the company’s core strategies while giving ongoing support to our growing network of licensed dealers.

Donna Woods

– Financial Controller

Mrs. Woods has been in the finance industry for over 30 years. Her wealth of knowledge in keeping accurate controlled measures to all financial transactions of this company is in safe and reliable hands. Nothing goes unnoticed by Mrs. Woods and she in fact had factored invoices prior to joining the company from the other end of the desk so she is well aware of how this industry works.

Paulette Ramgolam

– Director of Risk Assessment

Mrs. Ramgolam has been in the financial lending field for most of her employment life exclusively with the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). Her knowledge and experience of assessing the risk determination associated with our clients is essential. Mrs. Ramgolam and her team of risk managers are continually perfecting new phase protocols for all of our creative strategies and lending policies.‎

Lisa Martin

– Director of Licensed Dealer Network

Mrs. Martin comes to the company with a world of experience from the real estate industry. Mrs. Martin’s hands on approach, from her professionalism to precise coordination, assists monitoring the licensed dealers to ensure all aspects of the companies values are in compliance and moving in the same direction. Mrs. Martin’s patience and experience in dealing with so many people with different backgrounds is what she loves most about being with the company.

Pia Reiss

– Administrator & Events Coordinator

Mrs. Reiss is an event planner with years of experience as a business development manager in the financial investment industry. Along with her passion and experience, Mrs. Reiss showcases her talents by supporting the executive team as well as handling all the administrative and logistical components required to orchestrate multiple franchise trade show events across the country throughout the year.


Assist Canadian businesses in times of need when banks refuse.


Exceed the needs and expectations of our clients with the respect they deserve.

Core Values

CANA Factors implores its employees and licensed dealers to service our customer needs and follow through with our commitments – We operate on the principle “with a heart” for the on-going success of our company.

Client Focus

We are committed to identifying and meeting the needs of our clients based on our knowledge, creativity, skills and abilities.‎


We decided to excel in that what is most important to us … the desire for progress, development, success in the market, and rapid response to changes in the business environment.


We are consistent in everything we do and demand of ourselves and others the highest ethical standards in the efforts of living up to our core values.


All of our team works closely with each other, applying learned knowledge and professional skills. We celebrate individuality in the hopes of growing to our full potential. Mutual support and sharing of knowledge from all of our employees and licensed dealers enables us to achieve our goals.‎

Adoption of new knowledge

Keeping in mind the importance of knowledge in a competitive environment, we systematically invest in training and initiating our own personal development programs for our employees and licensed dealers. Focusing on our own people first and their knowledge will remain our core investment to keeping us as a leader in the industry.